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The Minor Group, Inc. is a Business Support Company sometimes described as a hybridization of a consulting firm and a contract managerial-employment agency. Not only do we provide the experience and cognitive skills necessary to define required tasks across a wide variety of initiatives, but we also supply the personnel to identify, research, plan, create, implement and/or manage the initiatives. Our disciplined management of budgets and timelines will help to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability of activities, projects, and programs that we deliver to you.

Finding it Hard to Perform Critical Tasks and Initiatives?

The Problem 

In today’s competitive and rapidly-changing economy, right-sized organizations often find themselves lacking the specific expertise, time, or experienced personnel to respond to the many challenges they face, both internally and externally. 

The Scope 

Organizations must have more skill, expertise and finesse than ever before. Challenges may range from small short-term projects, to multi-year initiatives, and although critical, do not justify the cost burden of permanent employees. 

The Solution 

Our experienced professionals will give you the creative and problem-solving skills necessary to identify -  and execute - the right solutions to the challenges facing your organization, so that you can fulfill your vital missions more quickly, with confidence.

The Promise

"Your tasks and initiatives will be staffed and managed by qualified, seasoned professionals and will progress on schedule, to the highest quality standards, at costs more affordable than most consulting firms." 

Hollis G. Minor, President/CEO

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