Support for a Wide Variety of Initiatives

The Minor Group (TMG) is a leading, woman-owned, business-support firm offering a full range of support capabilities in strategy, operations, organization management, and communications to small and large private companies, associations, nonprofits, PACs, and government entities with overburdened or under-skilled personnel. We can provide successful solutions to help you meet challenges that demand time and/or talents not available within your organization at any or all of the following phases: identification, research, planning, creation, implementation, and management. 



With an extensive understanding of leadership, operational dynamics, and the intricacies of effective communication within an organization’s arena, our experienced professionals will assist you in positioning and advancing your interests by delivering a diverse variety of results-oriented, well-executed communications plans, campaigns and support materials. 

This holistic understanding of each client-organization’s mission, goals and objectives, ensures that our experienced professionals are adept at aligning content with your overall strategy and ensuring consistency across all communication channels, whether you are promoting products and services, engaging stakeholders, or conveying critical information. 

Skilled in data research, collection, and analysis, as well as developing strategic recommendations, our professionals also create high-quality support materials that are not only accurate, impactful and informative, but are also tailored to the target audience. 

Public, Government, Media & Customer Relations Services


Running an organization requires a multitude of skills, including marketing, finance, operations, and human resources. Our seasoned professionals have honed their analytical, problem-solving, and strategic-thinking skills in all of these areas so that you gain valuable insights and innovative solutions that have been tested and refined throughout decades of our past client engagements. 

Our experienced professionals provide a comprehensive perspective of your entire organizational landscape, allowing us to identify key issues, analyze situations holistically, consider long-term implications, align initiatives with your overall organization strategy, and create a cohesive solution that delivers superior results and brings substantial value to your organization. 

Our familiarity with various organizational and management models and their practicality and effectiveness ensures you receive a comprehensive range of services that are realistic, achievable, and tailored to your specific needs within the context of your industry.

Business & Organizational Development & Management Services