Why Work With Us?

Since 1996, every project that The Minor Group has undertaken has been overseen by an experienced, professional with first-hand, real-world knowledge and skills from for-profit, nonprofit, and government organizations – across many industries and disciplines. It is a cross-functional and holistic approach to problem solving, which ensures that you benefit from the most innovative combination of best practices from all of those market sectors and gain the best overall solution for your entire organization – rather than for just one initiative or department in isolation. 

This broad knowledge base enables our professionals to identify and plan the best strategic solutions to the challenges facing each client, as well as the supporting organizational, management, financial, and communications tactics to execute them. We don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions; every organization is different, and our professionals have the expertise to develop and implement customized plans that address your specific needs.

Orchestrating Advantage

Committed to the highest standard of confidentiality, quality, diligence and ethics in our business practices, The Minor Group provides experienced professionals who help bring forth your creative vision of the future and who have a clear sense of how to get you there. 

Whatever your needs: research, planning, creative support services, implementation, or management, we supply well-qualified support specifically tailored to meet your initiative’s needs. 

Low-Cost Alternative to Adding Staff 

Because we supply individuals with solid business acumen and vast experience in specialized disciplines, you are always well prepared to quickly meet your critical tasks without the uncertainties and long-term cost-burdens of additional full-time employees

In addition, our ability to deliver tailored and impactful solutions can drive better outcomes for organizations, often resulting in significant cost-saving benefits. 

Respond to Challenges Quickly, with Confidence

Whether you’re in need of permanent, part-time creative support to handle the development of your public relations and marketing materials; or short-term, full-time support to develop and integrate budget-based strategic planning into your operations - teaming with a Business Support Company like us will ensure that you are well prepared to meet challenges that demand time and/or talents not available within your organization. 

Making it Happen – Seamlessly

We work hard to ensure that our efforts are always in concert with your daily routine. Our professionals already have an in-depth understanding of organizational operations and can quickly grasp the company's nuances, avoiding the need for extensive onboarding or training. It enables you and your permanent staff to continue conducting business in your core competencies while being kept well apprised of progress regarding the support initiative.